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Go-to-Market & Marketing Strategies for Growing B2B Startups.

Fractional leadership, advisory & growth programs for future-focused Nordic startups πŸš€

we help visionary teams go to market

You've raised a seed round and want to accelerate growth

You've (pretty much) found product-market fit, onboarded a few customers, and taken in funding to grow.

You don't have clarity, focus or a plan

When you need growth, but don't know where to start. Marketing is broad, and depending on your stage, your needs will vary.

You don't have time to waste

When you know that every week is important and means a decreased runway. Get help with experience, proven methodologies for growth.

When you need clarity and support

Marketing Advisory

Do you need support, training, and accountability in your marketing efforts?I support founders, management and marketing teams. The purpose is to help you focus on the right things + accelerate much faster.

When you need a marketing plan

Marketing Ready in 30 Days πŸš€

We audit your business in 30 days; map your ecosystem and stakeholders, identify ideal target customers (ICP), create personas, craft your buyer’s journey, content matrix, and go-to-market strategies. All resulting in an agile, actionable marketing plan.

When you need leadership

Fractional CMO

Do you need temporary marketing leadership? I can quickly step into a leading role. I bring best practice and lots of experience to support your growth.

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Hello there πŸ‘‹

My name is Cecilia

For 15 years, I've held CMO and COO roles in fast-growing Nordic tech startups.
Today, I'm a full-time business coach and Fractional CMO.
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